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Food technology is a branch of food science that deals with the production processes that make foods and catering is a part of the Hospitality Industry. Early scientific research into food technology concentrated on food preservation. This course aims to provide students with a broad understanding of Food Technology and operations in Catering. The course comprises of practical career-based elements and several core competencies that will instill knowledge in food safety, preparation, and preservation as well as handling, in students. This will be useful in the individual’s career prospects in the industry.
Students may use it as a pathway into further learning about Food Technology and Catering in the advanced levels which will impart knowledge on the business
aspect of the industry.


Monthly Intake


8 months + 6 months Industrial Attachment (Full Time)

Course Delivery: The course will be delivered in a formal classroom setup, self-study, group work and presentations, and coursework.


8 months (Part Time)

Course Delivery: The course will be delivered in a formal classroom setup, self-study, group work and presentations, and coursework.


This course is currently offered in Full-Time.


English for Professional Communications 1Central Kitchen and Catering OperationsFood Safety ManagementFood PreservationFood Packaging Technology 1Career Readiness and Professional DevelopmentIndustry Attachment- Internship (24 weeks)

In this module students will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge in effective communication in the
workforce environment. Students shall be able to read and understand professional communications such as memos,
letters, orders, and such. Students will also expand their vocabulary by acquiring a better understanding of
terminologies used in the industry.

In this module students will be introduced to basic skills required to carry out tasks in all facets of a central kitchen.
Applying knowledge in food safety management students will also learn about organizing each workstation in accordance
with regulatory requirements.

In this module students will gain knowledge and understanding of food safety and quality systems as well as
legislation in working with food processing and production. To be able to do basic risk assessment and identify
threats to food safety.

This module will instill a knowledge and understanding of how foods can be preserved through different means.
Students will also learn about how to apply safety management when handling food for preservation.

In this module students will display their knowledge and skills to develop food packaging techniques for the consumer
market based on current food trends.

In this module students will be equipped with necessary skills for their career in food technology. Students will attend
professional networking workshops to hone their networking skills.

The industry attachment provides students with an opportunity to gain work life experience in the food industry.

Assessments/Written Examination

Coursework and Written Examination

Progression Requirements

  • A minimum of 90% attendance is required for international students and 75% attendance for local students
  • Minimum mark of 50% is required to pass each module


• Hotel Servers/Kitchen Staff    
• Restauranteur
• Host/Hostess
• Central Kitchen Staff

• Food Production Staff
• Food Technologist
• Consumer Product Manufacturing Assistant
• Food Retail Associate

Admission Criteria

  • Minimum Age 17
  • Academic Level : At least PASS in 3 GCE ‘O’ Level subjects of equivalent qualifications
  • Language Proficiency: C6 in GCE ‘O’ Level English or equivalent qualifications or a pass in the English placement test by the college

If applicant does not meet the academic requirements, applicants who are 30 years and above with at least 8 years relevant work experience may be considered

Programme Fees (Full-Time)

S$ 4,900 (Exclusive GST)*

Application Fee: S$120 (Non-refundable)

Administrative Fees: S$150

** Fees are subjected to change without notice

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