HSBC Singapore Rugby 7s 2018

On the 29th of April 2018, a couple of our students headed down to catch the HSBC Singapore Ruby 7s match. Here is what one of our students have to say!


I would like to first heartily thank Trent Global College and Team Nila for giving us this wonderful experience on 29 April 2018. The event was the HSBC Rugby 7s, and it was surely exiting for all of us. Rugby is all about power and speed. We would feel the energy far away at the entrance of the stadium.


We received tickets to the semi-finals and finals and then we entered to the powerhouse, surrounded with people all around the world, cheering and full of energy. The music was totally controlling our bodies, everyone moved to it. Then the match begins full of energy and technique. I suppose the players were superheroes running at the speed of horses, colliding with the energy of elephants.


At 4pm, the match was between Fiji (12) vs South Africa (10) the match was more adventurous and challenging every minute with the scores alternating. 1-0. 1-1. 1-2. 2-2.. so on. Finally, Fiji ended with a 12th on the last minute. Following this was Australia (15) vs England (7). The Australians ruled the ground. The crowd celebrated with music and dance.


The third match was between Japan (31) vs Argentina (24) The scoreboard was on fire. People also danced on every goal scored. The next match after that was New- Zealand (36) vs Samoa (17). It begins with a goal by Samoa, but they lost hope with New Zealand running 2x forward.


The fifth match saw Canada (12) vs USA (26) compete. Certainly, the entry of the champs made all people stand for the teams. The most interesting game of the tournament. As expected screams and cheers never stopped.


At last, it was the finals, and it was Fiji (28) up against Australia (22) and each second counted. I could see people biting nails, hoping their team would win. It was an intense game and finally Fiji gets the cup. The celebrations never ended. It’s a game never mind losing or winning. Giving your best and picking up positively is what a player has in his mind.

~Prasad Sanjay Kambli, Advanced Diploma in Construction Management (Full-Time) , 2018

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